Koki Suetsugu

Pianist from Japan Born in Saitama in 1998.

He gives piano recitals several times a week at the Fryderyk concert hall in Warsaw Old Town.

He started playing the piano at the age of 14. After graduating from music school at the age of 18, he embarked on a long-awaited trip to Europe.

A graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, BA in piano. Currently, while studying at the same University, he gives concerts mainly in Europe.

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Michika Yoda

Pianist active in Poland and Japan.

She started playing the piano at the age of 4, and after graduating from a music high school and a music college, she worked as a piano teacher for 4 years at a major music school in Japan for children aged 3 to adults.

She has been attending Chopin University of Music's class artistic training since 2020 and her master's program since 2022.

We will support our students together so that they can improve their piano skills and feel the joy of music.

Haruka Matsumoto

Pianist born in Osaka, Japan in 1995.
Since her childhood, she has won top prizes in numerous domestic and international competitions.

Haruka Matsumoto has held solo recitals at Sumida Triphony Hall and now regularly holds piano recitals at the Fryderyk Concert Hall in the Old Town of Warsaw. She performs mainly in Japan and Poland.

She graduated from the Toho Gakuen School of Music after attending the Toho Girls' High School Music Department (coeducational) in Tokyo, Japan. From 2018 to present, she is enrolled in an artistic training class at Chopin university of music.

Hitomi Nishio
Osaka, Japan

Piano instructor and pianist currently active in Japan.
She graduated a music course in junior high school in Osaka, and after graduating from her music university in Osaka, while working as a performer, she gained experience as a lecturer in a music school for three years in Osaka, developing her own performance skills. She wents to Europe to improve it. Since 2017, she has been enrolled in the Chopin university of music artistic training class, from which she will graduate in 2021.

Currently she is staying in Osaka (Japan) and she is available for ONLINE lessons in Japan time. We offer fun piano lessons in a friendly atmosphere for adults and children alike.



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