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This page is an application form for your first trial lesson in our lesson room. If you would like lessons at your home, please click here.

Lessons in our lesson room in WARSAW

We have lesson rooms in each of three districts of Warsaw.

  • Śródmieście
    Steps from Dworzec Gdanski (M1, Bus, Tram, Train)
  • Żoliborz
    Nearest station: Plac Wilsona (M1, Bus, Tram)
  • Mokotów
    Nearest station: Wierzbno (M1, Bus, Tram)

Lessons in our lesson room
Weekly lesson course
Lesson fees
First trial lesson (30 min.) FREE
30 min lesson course 100 PLN/ 1 lesson
45 min lesson course 135 PLN/ 1 lesson
60 min lesson course 170 PLN/ 1 lesson

What do you prepare?

  • Piano textbook and sheet music
    * Ask us what kind of sheet music you should buy

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